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WWE Rumors: Crazzy Steve almost certain to join WWE?

Is Crazzy Steve set for the bright lights of WWE?

News 26 Apr 2017, 01:32 IST
Could we be seeing this man in a WWE/NXT ring soon?

What’s the story?

When former Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champion Crazzy Steve (aka Steven Scott) parted ways with the company, speculation circulated as to where he’d end up next. Despite the fact that he started taking independent bookings afterwards, rumours swirled of him signing with WWE. While that hasn’t been made official, a recent comment on his Twitter account has added more fuel to the fire. 

In case you didn’t know...

Scott made his debut in then-TNA Wrestling in 2014 with the “Crazzy Steve” gimmick he developed on the indies. Since then, he’s been part of both the Menagerie and Decay stables, winning the TNA Tag Team titles with Abyss as a member of the latter. On April 20th, he announced he was leaving the company – just one of many Impact wrestling stars to do so since Anthem bought the company.

The heart of the matter

Earlier today, Steve posted the following on Twitter:

It’s significant to point out the “for a limited time”, which is driving speculation that he’s only working indie dates until a deal with WWE can be finalised. 

What’s next?

Assuming he actually signs, he will be sent to NXT. Considering he was trained by his fellow Canadian Eric Young, there’s a strong possibility of him joining – or even feuding with – Young’s stable, SAnitY. If he were to sign with another company – say, Ring Of Honor, for example – it’s more likely that he’d also be able to take outside bookings still. That’s why the “limited time” comments points heavily at him negotiating with WWE.

Author’s take

The Broken Hardyz feud with Decay was a major part of a very strong storyline, and if WWE is really going to go forward with putting the Hardys back in that gimmick, it makes sense to bring in some of their rivals. Plus, Steve is a talented worker and can bring a lot to WWE, no matter what they decide to do with him. I hope this isn’t a case of WWE signing him just so no one else can. But... WWE wouldn’t do that. Right? Guys? RIGHT?

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