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WWE Rumors: Disappointing backstage news on Cesaro's career and future

01 Nov 2019, 19:55 IST


From an in-ring perspective, Cesaro had another solid outing at the recently concluded Crown Jewel PPV. Unsurprisingly enough, the Swiss Superman lost again, this time to Saudi Arabian talent Mansoor.

During the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Jim Valley asked Dave Meltzer regarding the speculation about Cesaro's standing in the company. Valley brought up online reports that suggested that Cesaro isn't being pushed as the officials backstage just don't like him.

Meltzer replied and said that while Cesaro is certainly respected behind the scenes, the company doesn't see him as one of the top guys. As we all know, Vince McMahon, in particular, only pushes a handful of talents to the top and sadly for Cesaro, the WWE boss just doesn't see him at the top of the card as a singles performer.

Meltzer added that even the fans have given up on Cesaro and the chances are grim of seeing the former tag team champion atop the food chain of the WWE all by himself.

Here's what Meltzer said:

"I mean, obviously everybody respects him. I think as far as do they see him as a guy who is going to be one of their top guys? I mean look, he has been there forever, he has been great forever. So the answer is no. They don't. You know, that's Vince. He's always been like that.
"He doesn't see something in you and that's it, and even when there were periods, you know, Cesaro is one of those guys where there were periods where you know you get that groundswell support and then you know when people keep pushing for you and he had that Cesaro section period, and after a while, whether it's Cesaro or Dolph Ziggler, they get tired of pushing you when you are not getting pushed, and you just kind of throw up your hands and give up.
"And I think that the people have given up on him years ago. But he is still a really good worker, and this was a prime example."

Cesaro worked a solid 12-minute match with Mansoor at Crown Jewel. The bout was designed to get the local guy over and the Swiss Superstar, as he has done in the past, made his opponent look like a million bucks.


That seems to be Cesaro's role in the company in the absence of his tag team partner Sheamus. WWE may continue to use Cesaro as a Superstar who makes his opponents looks good, similar to Dolph Ziggler's role in the company.

Meltzer added that Cesaro is one of the talents who can thrive as a tag team star, and the company also would like to see him bolster the tag team division. However, without Sheamus, Cesaro is nothing but an established enhancement talent and nothing more.

Cesaro isn't climbing up to the top on his own anytime soon, however, he can stay relevant if Sheamus returns to action and The Bar get back together.

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