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WWE News: Emmalina in Las Vegas for her much-anticipated RAW debut

Is this for real or another gag?

Will Emma finally debut?

What’s the Story?

The WWE announced on Raw that Emmalina will debut on the Las Vegas episode of Monday Night Raw after months of anticipation. Emma’s post on twitter may be a confirmation an actual appearance this Monday after months of disappointment.

Emmalina took to twitter on Thursday to post a video showing herself at a resort with a caption that read “On to the next adventure now... #Vegas!”

Cage Side Seats reported that while it has been scheduled, it may be cancelled like her debut on December 12th was.

In Case You Didn’t Know

The debut of Emmalina has been teased several times over the past couple of months. It was teased around the time of Survivor Series. It was scheduled and then cancelled for the December 12th episode of Raw.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter believes that this debut is nothing more than a running gag in the WWE and that they don’t have a plan for her, so they’ll likely keep stringing her and the fans along.

Emmalina was originally supposed to be paired with Raw superstar Dana Brooke, but a back injury she sustained at a house show would require her to have surgery.

The heart of the matter

Emmalina has had no rumoured plans for feuds or confrontations with the other Raw women’s division stars. It was speculated that she was going to possibly get involved with the Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair feud for the Women’s Championship after her series of tweets, but that never came to fruition.

Who will she be feuding with upon her return next week and why?

What’s Next?

The rumours and WWE vignettes have been proven to be false before, so fans should not expect the debut to take place now. The WWE has failed to deliver on their promises, so taking their word for it now would be little more than being trolled by them again.

Sportskeeda’s Take

At this point, the WWE should just wait until the RAW after WrestleMania to debut Emmalina, then draft her to another show by playing up a storyline where she is fed up with how things are run on Raw.

Debuting her now in the middle of the road to WrestleMania will be pointless. With less than two months left for the show of shows, building anything substantial now will be a waste. The WWE have been going back and forth with this supposed debut time and time again, so betting on it now wouldn’t be wise. If it happens, good for Emma, but it shouldn’t shock you if it doesn’t.

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