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WWE Rumors: Emmalina to debut next week but plans could change again

Reportedly there are no plans for the Superstar as of yet.

Emma had to take a sabbatical from wrestling after she suffered a back injury during a live event

What’s the story?

WWE Superstar Emma, who reportedly went through a makeover and was given a new character – Emmalina, has been scheduled to finally make her return from injury on next week's RAW to be held in Las Vegas.

However, her debut was originally planned on the December 12 episode of Raw but got cancelled on the day itself without any prior announcement. According to Cagesideseats, it’s now being speculated that WWE might pull off something similar to what happened back in December.

Also, in a recent tweet released by wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, the 57-year-old journalist stated that WWE has no plans for the Superstar yet.

Emma had to take a sabbatical from wrestling after she suffered a back injury during a live event on May 16 of last year.

In case you did not know...

The 27-year-old wrestler made her debut in 2009 at the Extreme Canadian Championship wrestling (ECCW). Following her growth and success, WWE signed her in 2011 for the brand NXT. 

She also regularly appeared in the WWE web series, ‘The JBL and Cole Show’ until it went off the air in June 2015.

The heart of the matter

The debut of the Australian wrestler was being held back by WWE as the promotion could not decide on a concrete feud to bring her in and incorporate the Emmalina angle. It’s also reported that WWE has already scrapped two different angles for the former NXT Superstar.

The initial storyline for her debut was a face-off against Sasha Banks, as a way for the Legit Boss to transition away from her feud with Charlotte Flair. However, it was given to Nia Jax on this week’s RAW instead.

What’s next? 

It is speculated that Emmalina will be paired with Dana Brooke together again, similar to their successful run in NXT before the former's injury in May. Also, with four out of ten women wrestlers injured, it is possible that Emmalina could make her debut on RAW next week.

Sportskeeda’s take

It’s still unsure why WWE held back the Australian’s debut. However, amidst all speculations, Emma’s comeback now looks hopeful.Though, everything and anything is possible at WWE, rest assured the company will come up with a storyline for the Superstar, who is too good to be wasted as a running joke. 

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