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WWE Rumors: Erick Rowan getting a gimmick change?

Rohit Nath
17.21K   //    10 Oct 2016, 19:14 IST
Will a gimmick change mean the end of Rowan as a “weak link”?

Erick Rowan has once again been sidelined due to a torn rotator cuff and recently underwent surgery to fix it up. Rowan was out for several months last year before finally returning on the October 19th edition of Raw where the reunited Wyatt Family to take on The Shield in a quasi-reunion.

Now that Rowan has been injured and will potentially be out for many months, it is a huge change to hit the reset button on The White Sheep. Rowan took to twitter to post a video of him burying his white sheep mask, teasing something potentially new on the horizon for when he comes back


It is not known how long Rowan will be out for but looking at the likes of John Cena and Shelton Benjamin, it may take six months or upwards, which makes it unsure as to whether he will return in time for Wrestlemania. 

When Rowan was drafted to Smackdown Live, he was paired up with Bray Wyatt. After Rowan suffered a loss to Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt seemed to have abandoned Rowan, but only a couple of weeks later, Rowan appeared once again to assist Bray. He even appeared in the creepy backstage segments between Orton and Wyatt. 

It should be noted that Rowan takes to twitter and usually posts creepy cryptic tweets that many consider being like that of a psychopathic serial killer. Naturally, it is just him playing to his character, but nevertheless, here is an example of one such tweet.

The problem is that Erick Rowan has been constantly portrayed as the “weak link” of the Wyatt family, always taking the pinfalls. It is not known when the last time he had a pin was, but the last time he won the match for The Wyatt Family was back in December on the Raw after TLC when he pounced on Rhyno from the top turnbuckle onto a table to pick up the win for The Wyatt Family in a Tables match. 

It is possible that Rowan returns in another horror movie-esque gimmick, but that is just naturally suitable due to his unique look. Either which ways, he is a tremendous athlete with more potential than what WWE showcases to be.

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