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WWE Rumors: Ex-NFL player and ROH star Moose could be headed to WWE

He is definitely Vince McMahon's type

Moose is 6’5”, 295 lbs

The WWE is shipping new stars into the main roster so they can balance the number of talents on both Raw and SmackDown. Many wrestlers have been booked to be shifted to SmackDown, while some stars will remain in Raw. Top NXT talents have possible opportunities to be transferred to the main roster, and possibly to the unique SmackDown roster. 

NXT on the other side could open up opportunities for new talents that can be signed by the WWE. One such possible wrestler who can be a part of the company could be ROH wrestler Moose. 

Following his retirement from NFL, Moose became a pro-wrestler and attended WWE Training Camps, later signing a contract under the ROH banner. His contract with the company will end soon, along with former ROH champion Roderick Strong according to wrestlinginc.com.

There is huge possibility that both men could be welcomed to the WWE during the brand split. This would be a great chance for both the wrestlers to make it big if they get the right opportunity.

Moose has been under the gaze of the WWE since 2015, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he is granted a contract.

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