WWE Rumors: Full update on Kairi Sane after injury at TLC (Exclusive)

Kairi Sane in full pirate regalia
Kairi Sane in full pirate regalia

During Sunday night’s TLC pay-per-view, current WWE women’s tag team champion Kairi Sane suffered a suspected concussion during a match with Raw women’s champion Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. The injury is believed to have occurred due to an impact received when Sane was attempting to put Becky Lynch through a table.

Since then, many questions have been raised about both the wellbeing of Kairi Sane and how much blame to apportion to the other competitors in the match, particularly Charlotte Flair, who continued to compete against Kairi Sane to the level of powerbombing her through a table.

Reports from backstage in WWE indicate that Sane is recovering well from what is believed to be a relatively minor concussion. Sane was checked on immediately following TLC and, while she seemed to be mentally absent for some parts of the checkup, she was found to be in good spirits and has reportedly recovered well since.

As of this moment, Sane is not cleared to return to action. With Asuka vs Becky Lynch planned for the Royal Rumble, it is not believed that Sane is necessary for use on the roster at this time and so the WWE have room to be cautious. The impression I was given was that Sane would be reassessed in the days leading up to the Royal Rumble, where she would likely be competing for her Raw brand.

Sane is well known for her positivity backstage in WWE, with a number of members of the locker room expressing an interest in working with her. Unfortunately, she also has an unfortunate history with concussions which has led to the WWE being additionally cautious with her. This is not something that I personally consider to be negative.

From myself and everybody at Sportskeeda, I wish all the best to Kairi Sane in her hopefully speedy recovery and a return to the ring in due course.

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