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WWE Rumors: The Maria Kanellis pregnancy storyline might involve Maury Povich in some manner

21 Sep 2019, 07:21 IST

Who's the daddy?

One of the more outlandish yet strangely entertaining segments on RAW lately has been the ongoing situation between a pregnant Maria Kanellis and her husband, Mike. She has tried to motivate her husband by toying with his emotions, and after teasing that he wasn't the father of the baby on RAW, some rumors have emerged stating that a prominent daytime show host might become involved in the storyline.

PWInsider and WrestlingInc are teasing that none other than Maury Povich could be interjected into the storyline due to his well-known history of having paternity tests on his show. carried news of the rumor.

Shaking things up on RAW reported that there was some internal discussion this week in WWE about trying to get prominent daytime talk show host Maury Povich involved. noted that Povich's show is filmed near Stamford, Connecticut.

Since it appears that the writers of this storyline are going for a "can't help but watch the train wreck" type feel, it appears that they are trying to take things to the next level. mentions that while it is not clear whether an agreement has been reached between the WWE and Povich, the show has taken interest, even tweeting about the situation.

Maria in the middle

Maria's antics have certainly shaken things up on RAW. During her "Gender Reveal Party" hosted by the Street Profits, she outed Ricochet as the father of her child. It enraged Mike even though the One and Only adamantly denied having anything to do with Maria.

After Ricochet easily dispatched of Mike in an impromptu match on RAW, Maria later teased that someone else was the father. Before she could name the person, Rusev's music hit and he also made short work of Mike.

While neither of those men are likely the father, this whole ruse is likely being done by Maria to truly light an enormous fire under her husband. She's gone about it the wrong way, but it has still netted her air time. If Maury Povich does get involved, it would be more mainstream attention on the WWE. Maria wins in any case and should be commended for appearing on screen while pregnant. Some women wouldn't really want over a million eyes on them during a pregnancy.

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