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WWE Rumors: Latest update on WrestleMania 33 match for Roman Reigns

Could we see Reigns face the Deadman?

Roman Reigns
WWE’s plans for Roman in Orlando have changed once again

What's the story?
According to Inquisitr, WWE is reportedly planning a big surprise for Roman Reigns leading into WrestleMania 33 at the Citrus Bowl. However, it's supposedly not going to be winning the Universal Championship.

It’s been well-documented that Vince is desperate to get Roman over as the next top babyface, but if the latest stories are to be believed then he seems to be scrambling and running out of ideas so much so that an encounter with the Deadman might be on the cards. 

In case you didn't know...

Reigns, who just became the first babyface in the history of the WWE to win PWI's Most Hated Wrestler of the Year, has been in a rut for a long time now. His plans for the showcase of the immortals have changed numerous times over the last few months, with many fans originally believing that The Big Dog would be walking out of the Royal Rumble with the belt.

The heart of the matter

However, it would seem as if this big surprise isn't related to the Universal Title at all. Some fans are predicting that a match against someone like Braun Strowman at WM33 could be a possibility, meanwhile, others feel that a Roman heel turn is right around the corner.

Although according to reports, Vince is fifty-fifty about the Strowman contest as he's alleged to be getting cold feet on his push. Originally, it was believed that Vince thought the victory over Braun would make “Roman look great” as the next top babyface, although many people tend to disagree.

First, the match was supposedly Strowman, then Lesnar the sequel, then Goldberg & Lesnar but now it may actually be a tussle with The Undertaker. The report says that Vince wants Reigns vs. Undertaker on the grandest stage of them all to raise Roman’s stock.

What's next?

With the Rumble less than two weeks away, it's not going to be long now before the WrestleMania 33 picture becomes a lot clearer. This level of unpredictability will make the bout with Owens a fascinating one, and considering Roman's history at the Royal Rumble event, it looks set to be another long night for the former Shield enforcer.

If the ‘Taker bout is going to happen, we’re not far away from seeing the seeds being planted.

Sportskeeda's take

The whole situation with Roman makes it feel as if WWE is purposely trying to sabotage his character, because "the guy" hasn't done anything even remotely interesting for a while now. There's a reason fans are getting tired of him, and the worst part of it all is that Reigns isn't even to blame for the whole situation.

Owens deserves to be the man to carry the Universal Championship into WrestleMania, meanwhile, you can still pull off the Roman-Strowman angle without the title. There's a number of different Superstars who you could partner him with in order to get a decent match, but with Reigns you need the story to go alongside it.

Whether or not Undertaker is the man to get that story out of him remains to be seen.

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