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WWE Rumors - Major Superstar finally signs with the company, will get a Brock Lesnar-type deal

  • Will he be successful in the WWE?
Modified 14 Mar 2020, 11:42 IST

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.
Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.

As we had reported yesterday via The Wrap, Rob Gronkowski has signed a deal with WWE and the former NFL Tight End is expected to begin his pro wrestling career with the company soon.

WWE has also dropped big hints regarding his imminent arrival and at this point, it's a done deal by the looks of it.

Dave Meltzer shared more details on Gronkowski's contract and his future as a professional wrestler.

Meltzer mentioned that the former New England Patriots player will not work as a full-timer and will only be available for a few dates, which would probably be similar to Brock Lesnar's deal.

The 3-time Super Bowl Champion is rumored to appear at the SmackDown episode on the 20th of March in New Orleans. While WWE currently does not have a WrestleMania 36 plan for Gronkowski, that could all change as the company would undoubtedly want to use the popular personality at the biggest show of the year, if it still happens amid the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Here's what Meltzer shared on the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio:

So Gronkowski has a deal there. He's going to be on the show on 20th in New Orleans if there is a show on 20th in New Orleans. It could be somewhere else for all we know but he's going to be on the SmackDown side and he's going to be working some dates. It's probably a Lesnar type schedule. So, he's in.
Right now, when I asked about WrestleMania, it was nothing planned but, he's starting on 20th and we're in the WrestleMania cycle. You would think that if he wasn't on WrestleMania they wouldn't debut him on TV. If he was to debut at SummerSlam, they would have kept him off TV until August. So, we'll see, we'll see what happens.

It was added that Gronkowski never intended to be a full-time in-ring performer as he always had the desire to just have one professional wrestling match.

His deal with the company will allow him to appear sporadically and build up special attraction matches. The 30-year-old ex-footballer has suffered various injuries throughout his career and a full-time schedule is the last thing that the WWE would want to offer him.

Gronk has the charisma and personality to be a WWE Superstar, however, will he succeed in this new endeavour of his? 

Published 13 Mar 2020, 00:10 IST
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