WWE Rumors: New faction reportedly based on a famous kidnapping group from the 1970s

Who could these masked men be?
Who could these masked men be?

A few months ago, WWE initiated a new storyline on NXT when a few masked men were shown abducting Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde in the aftermath of their respective matches against Kushida on NXT.

According to a report from The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer, the faction is reportedly based on a kidnapping organization known as the Symbionese Liberation Army, which was active around 1970 and was generally known for their notorious crimes.


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New NXT faction reportedly based on an infamous crime organization

Last month, NXT superstar Raul Mendoza had lost a match to Kushida and while he was being interviewed, a few mystery men pulled-up on the former and kidnapped him from the Full Sail Arena parking lot while sporting lucha masks. Similarly, Joaquin Wilde was also abducted by these same men after he had lost a match to Kushida on another last week's edition of WWE NXT. However, much wasn't revealed about these mystery men on the second occasion, as well.

While WWE is yet to drop a hint on who these men possibly could be, Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer has claimed that the group is reportedly based on the notorious organization, the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). The group was mostly known for committing various acts of violence during the mid-70s, including bank robberies and more popularly were known for the kidnapping of American author Patty Hearst back in 1974.

While it has been reported that new WWE signee Jorge Bolly, formerly known as King Cuerno or El Hijo de Fantasma, will be the leader of this NXT faction, it still remains to be seen which other superstars will be revealed as members of the group.

Bolly had signed with the WWE back in August of 2019 but was sidelined with an injury. However, he did make his debut for the company this February and has also teamed up with Mendoza at a few WWE live events.

It is to be believed that other superstars from the WWE roster are likely to help out Bolly in leading this group and there is also a possibility that the abducted superstars in the form of Mendoza and Wilde will align themselves with the faction, in the long run.

What could we expect from the new WWE faction?

As of now, there is no official word on what basis WWE has been forming this new faction or any indication on which superstars will eventually be revealed as the members of this group. However, if the rumors are to be true, then we could be in for another interesting storyline in NXT.

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