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WWE Rumors: Reason why Nia Jax's weight was revealed on RAW

Nia Jax to be pushed as the biggest woman on RAW.

Nia Jax pushed as the biggest woman in the Women’s Division

What's the story?

On the February 6 edition of RAW, Nia Jax, during her match with Bayley, was announced by the commentary team as the biggest woman on the RAW Women's roster. The commentators were constantly informing the audience at home about Nia's weight. 

According to FWOnline's Dave Meltzer, this is a part of WWE's new marketing technique to get Nia over. Meltzer stated that the WWE never exposes the weight of their women wrestlers on TV, but they're making an exception for Nia. Meltzer said that this technique of informing the weight of a superstar to the audience has been exclusive to big superstars. 

In case you didn't know

Nia is on a dominant run right now. On the February 6 edition, Nia Jax faced Bayley in a singles competition and defeated Bayley by hitting a Samoan Drop and pinning her. This follows Nia’s victory’s over Sasha Banks at the Royal Rumble and on the following episode of RAW.

The heart of the matter

The reason for this massive push for Nia may have come after the fact that during her initial run on the main roster she was greatly overlooked. Thus, maybe to provide her with a little traction for all that lost time, WWE's heavily pushing forward with the weight thing. 

Also, according to WWE's plans for WrestleMania, Nia's supposed to be one of the participants in the Fatal-4-Way match for the RAW Women's Championship against Charlotte, Bayley, and Sasha Banks. All the women mentioned later possess fleshed out characters, and are quite over with the audience, leaving Nia as the weakest link of the three. Hence, if WWE wants to make Nia appear, that she belongs in the match with the three talented women, they'll have to work towards developing her as a monster. 

What's next?

Nia's currently in a feud with an injured (Kayfabe) Sasha Banks. She's likely to face Banks in March at Fastlane. 

Sportskeeda’s Take

We feel that Nia should’ve been built right from the very day she made her debut, thus avoiding all this deliberate fact pushing. But, anyways, better late than never. 

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