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WWE Rumours: Roman Reigns was hurt for a month after his match with Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31

Rohit Nath
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The Big Dog took far more offence than he gave in his Wrestlemania 31 match against The Beast Incarnate

Roman Reigns took on Brock Lesnar in the main event of Wrestlemania 31. The match was an intense, physical bout which saw the introduction of the term "Suplex City", as The Beast Incarnate just used the words out of the blue. Naturally, the majority of the match was heavily dominated by Lesnar.

Not that Roman Reigns did not get his own shots in during the match. In fact, he even got Lesnar busted open, but nonetheless, Brock did more than just suplex. 

Dave Meltzer, on the Wrestling Observer Radio, said that Reigns was hurt for over a month after his match with The Beast Incarnate. That is not to suggest that Lesnar is a dangerous worker, just that there is a huge deal of physical toll that his matches take to competitors.

Reigns, upon his own admission, once admitted in an interview that he intentionally hit Lesnar hard to provoke him to be more physical and increase the intensity of the match. There is no doubt that Lesnar’s matches, whether they are just suplexes or not, still manage to have a complete intense feel to it.

Not to mention, upon Meltzer’s own admission after this year’s Summerslam (where Lesnar elbowed Randy Orton and busted him up to a pool of blood) that there are rules for the performers and then there are rules for Brock. 

However, in their Wrestlemania 31, the only blood that poured was that of Lesnar himself, when Roman Reigns pushed The Beast Incarnate against the ring post, which busted him open. That was what led to the climax of the match where it seemed like Reigns was going to win, but Seth Rollins instead ended up cashing in his Money In The Bank. 

You can watch the epic Wrestlemania 31 main event here:


The two met earlier this year in the lead-up to Royal Rumble as well:

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