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WWE Rumors: Rumour killer on Kurt Angle's return to WWE

Kurt Angle may not return to WWE anytime soon

Despite his open statements, there seems to be no plan for his return from WWE’s end

What’s the story?

One of the most popular speculations among the WWE Universe is the possible return of Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle. Cagesideseats recently reported a bombshell of a rumor killer regarding his return to WWE. The rumor killer goes on to say that as of now, there are no plans regarding Kurt Angle’s return to the WWE, despite Kurt’s open stance on the issue.

Kurt Angle has been quite open about his wish to return to WWE for one last run for quite some time now; but, it looks like the WWE are not that enthusiastic about the idea as the former WWE Champion. 

In case you didn’t know....

We reported about a potential Kurt Angle return to WWE a few months ago. The former WWE Champion expressed his desire to return to WWE to have one last run with the company before he ultimately retires from his wrestling career. But the WWE was not that enthusiastic about the idea of bringing back the legendary figure.

Despite the fact that several of the old hands were called back to enrich the talent pool after the WWE Draft, Kurt Angle was left hanging. Kurt expressed his desire to have one more match on the grandest stage before he retired for good. As the build-up for the Royal Rumble started, several speculations regarding Kurt Angle being a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble match began to grow wild.

A few days ago, we reported that Angle was telling indie promoters that he would not be accepting any more offers as he's on his way back to his former company in April.

The heart of the matter

Kurt Angle left WWE several years ago on bad terms and carved a new legacy in WWE’s biggest rival at that time, TNA. His association with TNA and his contributions there undoubtedly left a sour taste among the WWE Management. It should also be noted that there was a huge friction between Kurt Angle and Triple H when he left the company for TNA.

Despite WWE embracing several of former TNA talents like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode and Eric Young, they seem to be reluctant to get Angle back in the fold.

What’s next?

It was widely speculated that Kurt Angle might return to WWE to manage the crowd favorite SmackDown Tag Team Champions, American Alpha. With American Alpha winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships last week on SmackDown Live!, several people expected Kurt to return at Rumble and begin managing the duo with his amateur wrestling background.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Regardless of WWE’s stance on the matter, Kurt Angle’s return to the company will do nothing but boost the ratings for whichever show he will be assigned to. The star power Kurt can bring alone is worth a shot, considering how the new roster lacks established names on several fronts.

With this rumor killer out, one can only expect WWE and Kurt Angle to bridge the gap and try to return before WrestleMania. Guess we will have to wait for a while to get a clear picture on the issue. 

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