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WWE Rumors: Rusev expected to take time off for a short period

The handsome Bulgarian Brute may be off television for some time.

News 03 Mar 2017, 20:24 IST
Rusev has been paired up with Jinder Mahal the past two months

What’s the story?

According to Cageside Seats, Rusev is set to be taking some time off from television soon. However, it will not be an extended break.

In case you didn’t know...

Rusev has been pairing with Jinder Mahal since his feud with Enzo Amore & Big Cass. Unfortunately for The Bulgarian Brute, he is not involved in any active storylines and is in creative limbo. He has been using a new gimmick where he calls himself “Handsome Rusev”

Rusev started the gimmick by putting a face mask and has now cut his hair. Last year, he was in a six-man tag team match with The League Of Nations against The New Day.

The heart of the matter

It is not known as yet whether Rusev will be on the brief hiatus before or after WrestleMania, but it may very well be after WrestleMania 33 because he would likely not want to miss WrestleMania, and WWE normally attempts to get every superstar possible on the WrestleMania card. 

Since Rusev doesn’t have any storyline going for him, he may compete at the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

What’s next?

Rusev will likely have a few matches for the coming month, and may very well compete in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, or a pre-show match. It doesn’t seem like WWE has anything planned for The Bulgarian Brute. 

After WrestleMania, if he is taking a brief hiatus, hopefully, he returns as part of a good storyline. Post-WrestleMania normally sees younger, full-time talent getting pushed. Last year, Rusev, along with The Miz, got a rejuvenated push. However, that all ended during his feud with Roman Reigns after he lost the United States Championship.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Since after WrestleMania 31, Rusev has been one of the most criminally underutilised talents on the entire WWE roster. He has consistently proved to be a funny and entertaining character, and it has proved that The Bulgarian Brute would work tremendously well as a babyface.

A face turn for Rusev would be the best direction for him after WrestleMania, where WWE always attempts to start a fresh, new chapter. It also gives him the opportunities to feud with some heels on RAW and makes him a fresh act on the roster. 

It is unfortunate that Rusev does not seem to have any clear cut plans for WrestleMania. 

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