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WWE Rumours: Rusev to turn face soon?

Rohit Nath
15.20K   //    04 Nov 2016, 20:42 IST
Will The Bulgarian Brute be turning a new leaf?

The Bulgarian Brute Rusev has been on the main roster since Royal Rumble 2014. Since then, he’s had the Anti-American gimmick, one-half as a Russian, and the other half as a Bulgarian, which he actually is. However, of late, fans have started to get behind The Bulgarian Brute. 

According to The InquisitrWWE plans to push Rusev into the main event scene, but with Kevin Owens as the top heel, it would be hard to put him in that position. WWE are also considering turning him babyface to try and reinvent him.

Apparently, The Inquisitr stated that WWE is considering the latter option where The Bulgarian Brute will turn babyface. It will be an interesting experiment for WWE. In two particular feuds in the last year, fans felt Rusev was the biggest babyface, despite being cast as a heel.

The first feud was the love quadrilateral between himself, Lana, Dolph Ziggler, and Summer Rae. The angle turned out to be disastrous and was quickly ditched after Rusev posted a photo of him and Lana with an engagement ring, which also got them heat, because the angle they did, involved a breakup between the two.

Fans were certainly grateful for the end of the angle. 

The second feud was his most recent one, with Roman Reigns. Through a good part of the feud, Rusev spoke about “defending the honour of his wife”, which made him come across as a sympathetic babyface, rather than a heel which he was cast to be.

To add to it, fans don’t give Roman Reigns a favourable reaction, so that added to the fans rooting for The Bulgarian Brute. Also, Rusev has a reputation outside of his character as being an extremely funny person.

Here is where the Roman Reigns vs Rusev feud started:


They even faced each other on the Raw before Summerslam where they were supposed to have a match:

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