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WWE Rumors: Sasha Banks could turn heel soon

It's expected that she will go into Wrestlemania as a heel!

Will Sasha Banks unleash her mean streak upon WWE?

What's the story?

According to ringsidenews.com, WWE has big plans for Sasha Banks at Wrestlemania and wants her to go heel soon to further the same. At present, it is unclear who the match is against or when The Boss will go full heel. However, it seems that the wheels are in motion and this is the direction that the company wants to head in.

We assume that the turn will happen in the coming weeks for sure, heading into the Fastlane PPV.

In case you didn't know...

Despite the fact that Sasha Banks is a fan favourite at present, she has worked as a heel several times in the past. At the beginning of the Diva's Revolution, Banks was a part of Team BAD with Naomi and Tamina.

Heading into her historic matches with Bayley in NXT, she had been working heel. With her signature style and swagger, Banks has the ability to make the crowd boo her with the utmost gusto. While she worked babyface during her genre-defining rivalry against Charlotte Flair, Banks has a penchant for being the bad girl.

The heart of the matter

After winning the Raw Women’s Championship several times on Raw, and losing them on pay-per-view, Banks entered a program with Nia Jax heading into the Royal Rumble. She was squashed in almost no time by the dominant Jax.

At present, she has formed a sort of alliance with her long time adversary and NXT friend, Bayley. With Banks succumbing so often to Jax, she has been showing signs of turning heel. The heart of the matter is that The Boss is due a change in attitude, and this may be seen very soon.

What’s next?

It’s unclear what is next for Sasha Banks, as she has faced most of the division as a babyface. Going heel will ensure that she can enter into programs against Bayley or even Emmalina who is scheduled to debut someday.

It gives Banks the chance to not only recreate the magic that she had in NXT with Bayley but maybe even face new opponents once they enter the roster. This should change the dynamics of the Raw women’s division.

Sportskeeda’s take

We at Sportskeeda believe that it may be difficult to get the crowd to boo Banks, considering how much of a crowd favorite she is. Only time will tell if the heel turn is successful. However, anything fresh is welcome.

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