WWE Rumors: Sin Cara rejected big move before release from the company 

Jorge Arias AKA Sin Cara/ Triple H and Vince McMahon.
Jorge Arias AKA Sin Cara/ Triple H and Vince McMahon.

Sin Cara was one of the four Superstars who were granted their releases by WWE, the others being Luke Harper, Viktor and Konnor.

Sportskeeda's Tom Colohue reached out to his sources in WWE and provided some interesting backstage information regarding the recent releases in a new video posted on his official Youtube channel.

Tom noted that Sin Cara's case was an unfortunate one as he never had any backstage heat in the company. Jorge Arias, the man behind the mask, joined the company in 2009 and the Luchador sadly couldn't experience sustained success due to various factors such as injuries and in-ring botches.

It was also revealed by Tom that Sin Cara was asked to move to 205 Live, however, he turned down the proposal and was then subjected to sporadic appearances on RAW and SmackDown that didn't account for much.


Here's what Tom Colohue had to say about Sin Cara's release:

"Sin Cara is an unfortunate one mostly, I wouldn't say there has been any bad will towards him in the WWE. I don't believe there has been any bad will towards him in the WWE, I don't believe there has been, but there have been a number of injuries and I think, really, the man was way down by the character quite significantly, in that the initial tag team run with Rey Mysterio, eventual tag team with Kalisto, and there was for a long period of time a different man playing the character.
Sin Cara was one who was asked to go to 205 Live at some point and he declined, so he was shifted from RAW to SmackDown to RAW to SmackDown. It was difficult with a number of injuries, a couple of botches which stood out, from there on it was writing on the wall stuff. I think the release is probably the best call. I don't think Sin Cara really fits the aesthetic of the WWE at the moment, but I can say that about a few more, of course."

The 42-year-old Sin Cara leaves the WWE as a failed project that couldn't replicate the exploits of the legendary Rey Mysterio.

Nonetheless, we wish him all the very best for his future endeavors.

Also, don't forget to check out Tom Colohue's latest video in which he shares a host of interesting backstage updates on the recent release spree.


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