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WWE Rumors: Teddy Long to be inducted in the Hall of Fame

Former SmackDown GM to be inducted into the Hall of Fame?

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What's the story?

According to PWInsider's Mike Johnson, former SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long may get inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame, as a part of the Class of 2017. Johnson said that he heard Long's name thrown around a lot backstage regarding this topic, and feels that there is a very high possibility of Long's induction this year. 

In case you didn't know...

Every year WWE holds its Hall of Fame ceremony, a week before their biggest show of the year, WrestleMania. Wrestling legends such as Andre the Giant, Ric Flair, Sting, and much more have been a part of this prestigious group.

This honour is not only limited to wrestlers, but to also celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Drew Carey, Mike Tyson, and Snoop Dogg to name a few. 

The interim list of inductees announced for this year's Hall of Fame includes; Kurt Angle, Ravishing Rick Rude, and Diamond Dallas Page. Former WWE Diva Beth Phoenix is also being rumoured to be in the Hall of Fame this year. 

The heart of the matter

Teddy Long started his journey in the world of professional wrestling by working at Jim Crockett Promotions, later known as World Championship Wrestling. In 1998, Long joined the WWE, and started working as a referee and as a manager. In 2004, he assumed to role of general manager for SmackDown.

In 2008, he got transferred to ECW but came back to SmackDown a year later. In the June of 2014, Long was released from the company. He made a special appearance in 2016, on the June 6 edition of Monday Night RAW.  

Long during his storied career, was responsible for reviving old matches such as Inferno Match, and King of the Ring Tournament. He also created the Last Ride Match, the Barbed-Wire Steel Cage Match, the Fatal-4-Way Ladder Match and the Stretcher Match.

He was also known as "Tag Team Teddy" because of his tendency to set up Tag Team Matches every time. 

What's next?

If Long is set to be a part of the Class of 2017, then it will be announced in the coming weeks or months on RAW or SmackDown. The Hall of Fame Ceremony has been scheduled to take place on March 31st

Sportskeeda’s take

It would be great to see Long get inducted into the Hall of Fame for all the work that he’s put in the company.

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