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WWE Rumors: The Ascension getting repackaged soon?

A new look for the former NXT Tag-Team Champions.

The former NXT Tag-Team Champions have struggled on the main roster

What’s the story?

Rumours of The Ascension getting repackaged started when Konnor retweeted the photo of a mask created for him by a pop culture artist. 


In case you didn’t know

The Ascension are former NXT Tag-Team Champions and looked set for big things when they appeared on the main roster in 2014. However, WWE changed up their gimmick when the call-up came and unfortunately, that left them looking like cheap knock-offs of The Road Warriors and Demolition. WWE continued the storyline of comparing them to legendary tag-teams of the past but it didn’t Konnor and Viktor no favours. They rarely appear on WWE programming now, and when they do, they end up losing. 

The heart of the matter

The Ascension seem to be getting a repackaging soon. Their run on the main roster has been nothing short of a disaster so this may come as a new lease of life for the pair who tore through the NXT Tag-Team division back in the day.

Sportskeeda’s take

The Ascension were going nowhere fast on the main roster, appearing mainly as glorified jobbers for most of their main roster run. It’s a sad predicament for a tag-team who seemed to be set for big things when they got called up. Whether they can rekindle the fire in them or not, a repackaging will at least give Konnor and Viktor one last shot at getting over with WWE fans and making a decent WWE career for themselves.

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