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WWE Rumors: Ticket sales not going well for Roadblock?

Roadblock: End Of The Line may not be selling as well as Vince McMahon hoped!

Is the main event of Roadblock: End Of The Line not a big enough draw?

A common theme among some of the brand-exclusive Pay-Per-Views this year has been the struggle to sell out the venues that the shows were being held in. It started from Backlash and continued for some of the Pay-Per-Views including TLC at Dallas this month, and it is the same case with Roadblock: End Of The Line at Pittsburgh, PA, this Sunday, according to Cageside Seats.

Cageside Seats also reported that WWE is attempting to give incentives and discounts for tickets similar to how they did for TLC earlier to fill the seats. Aside from just low ticket sales, the primary concern would be getting enough people for the hard cam(which they will surely be able to do). If they are not able to do this, they will likely have security shuffling around the audience and getting them to fill in seats in the hard cam side. This is a technique that has been done in the first two weeks of 205 Live after Smackdown Live due to a good chunk of the audience leaving after Smackdown Live.

So far, the card has 6 matches, with one on the pre-show. One of the likely reasons that there are fewer matches on the card could also be because Sasha Banks’ and Charlotte will be having a match that will go on for 30-minutes in an Iron Man match. Along with the entrances and video package, the entire match may take up to 40 minutes or more.

The New Day will likely be getting a break after defending their titles two times in one night. Their latest defence was in a Triple Threat Tag match(their second in one night) to secure their record breaking title reign over Demolition

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