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WWE Rumors: Triple H forming a monstrous new heel stable?

A monstrous new incarnation of The Authority could be on the cards for WWE.

Is Triple H forming the new Authority?

What’’s the story?

After the developments on last week’s Raw, it looks like Triple H may be on the cusp of forming a new heel faction which could include both Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. Just minutes before Owens destoryed Chris Jericho during the “Festival of Freindship” on Raw, we saw Triple H backstage with a slightly concerned-looking Owens.  It is being speculated that this conversation with ‘The Game’ was the final nail in Jericho’s coffin and convinced Owens to finally turn on his “best friend”.

In case you didn’t know

Triple H helped Owens win his first WWE Universal Championship back in late August after turning on former protege Seth Rollins. Triple H has been absent from WWE television since, only returning last week on Raw to unleash Samoa Joe on Seth Rollins. 

Owens was supposed to celebrate his friendship with chris Jericho on Raw but the ‘Festival’ eventually ended with Owens destroying Jericho and seemingly sending Y2J to the hospital. An irate Owens had also destoryed a returning Gillberg earlier on in the evening.

The heart of the matter

Triple H is no stranger to successful factions having been in DX, Evolution and The Authority. A new stable with Owens and Samoa Joe looks deadly on paper and could prove to be the right direction for Raw heading into Wrestlemania. This could finally lead to Owens getting his heat back after a lacklustre run with the title which involved childish antics with Jericho for the most part – entertaining, but childish nonetheless. 

What’s next

If the aforementioned faction does come into existence, it will only be a matter of time before Owens and Joe lock horns. This could eventually lead to Kevin Owens finally turning babyface.

Sportskeeda’s take

A faction involving Triple H, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe sounds incredible on paper and WWE should definitely go in this direction. Although, the storyline could get bogged down like The Authority storyline eventually did, this storyline could be one of the best WWE has done since The Shield if done correctly. 

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