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WWE Rumors: Tye Dillinger debuting at Royal Rumble

The Perfect Ten may have the perfect debut.

Will The Perfect Ten make his way to the Rumble?

According to All Wrestling Newsthere are plans to call-up Tye Dillinger to the main roster very soon. The idea is to make him debut at the Royal Rumble match and come out as the tenth entrant. This is due to his gimmick “The Perfect Ten” which has “Ten” chants that are very over.

The report by All Wrestling News also stated that the “Ten” chants that have gotten over with the NXT audience are believed to be the next big chant by the company, similar to the “Yes!” or “What?” chants that still persist till date.

If you’ve not seen “Ten” chants, you can see it below:

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that one of the concerns with Dillinger is that WWE officials fear the “ten” chant may go out of hand. One of the examples of this was at Survivor Series weekend in Toronto.

For every count a referee made at any match, the crowd chanted “Ten” for three days straight. Dillinger kicked off Survivor Series weekend when he faced Bobby Roode at NXT Takeover: Toronto


In fact, the “Ten” chants have been slowly seeping into the main roster as well. During Roadblock: End Of The Line,  there were “ten” chants heard. 

Dillinger gained momentum on NXT primarily after the brand split, as NXT had lost several of their top stars to the main roster. With a lack of babyfaces, Dillinger rose to prominence. Although he has lost all his big matches, he continues to have the respect of the audience.

The “ten” chants can help him rise on the main roster. Until then, The Perfect Ten has a prominent rising spot on the NXT card.

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