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WWE Rumors: Undertaker ending Vince's hopes of match at WWE SummerSlam 2016?

Sudhir Bose
27.36K   //    02 Jun 2016, 17:21 IST
Life imitating art

The aftermath of WrestleMania 32 was flooded with alarming speculation of the Undertaker’s retirement. The Phenom was reportedly overheard telling people at the after party that the match with Shane McMahon was his last.

The blaze seemingly died down and all was quiet on that front – until now. reports that all’s not well between Vince McMahon and the Deadman and things have deteriorated to a point where Taker won’t even return the Chairman’s calls.

According to reports, Mr. McMahon is determined to have the Phenom perform at this year’s SummerSlam, but the current situation has him quite worried and searching for a solution. Mr. McMahon apparently wanted Undertaker to put over Shane by losing to him at WrestleMania 32, but he refused and subsequently removed himself from all his upcoming appearances. Hence the swirl of conflicting reports of the Undertaker performing on the traditional post-WrestleMania tour of Europe.

What is interesting to note, and possibly decisive to this whole conundrum, is the Undertaker’s contract. The 51-year-old is stipulated to appear at least once a year, failing which his contract gets extended by a year. If this is indeed factually correct, the Undertaker isn’t obligated to perform again for the year.   

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