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WWE Rumors: WWE Universal Championship being redesigned?

What will the Universal Championship look like later on in 2017?

Could we see a new design for the Universal Championship?

What’s the Story?

Orange County Choppers took to Twitter to reveal that they were working on what appeared to be a new design for the WWE Universal Championship.

The picture shows the plates of the Universal Championship in silver rather than the gold colors on the initial design of the title and a printed picture of the current Universal Championship design.

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In case you didn’t know

The design of the Universal Championship and both Women’s Championship belts are copies of the current WWE Championship; formerly known as the WWE World Championship.

The current version of the WWE Championship was also created by Orange County Choppers and was presented to Brock Lesnar after his SummerSlam match with John Cena in 2014.

Orange County Choppers and the WWE have been working together as far back as 2008 when the company built a custom made WrestleMania bike complete with the old scratch logo for wheels.

The Heart of the matter

When the current version of the Universal Championship was unveiled to the WWE Universe back at SummerSlam 2016, the fans in attendance booed the championship belt unmercifully and the video currently has 20,000 dislikes to 8,000 likes. With the disdain over the championship in mind, this could potentially go over well with the fans.

What’s Next?

The WWE always like to wait for big moments to unveil their new titles, so expect a new championship design to be revealed either after or before a PPV.

Sportskeeda’s Take

The fan’s backlash against the Universal Championship has died down, but it was abundantly clear since the first Monday Night Raw after the Brand Split that the fans didn’t like the concept of the title. Many fans disliked the idea of calling it the Universal Championship and even Daniel Bryan mocked the title claiming it was corny.

The fans not being sold on the concept plus the fact that it looked exactly the same, but was being hyped up as a new championship resulted in a severe backlash.

Hopefully, with this new design, the fans will have a championship they can be proud of.

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