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WWE Rumors: Update on Undertaker and Goldberg backstage “fight” (Exclusive)

Tom Colohue
19 Jun 2019, 16:51 IST

Undertaker vs. Goldberg
Undertaker vs. Goldberg

What’s the story?

In the aftermath of their main event encounter at WWE’s Super ShowDown pay per view in Saudi Arabia, a rumor emerged that the two legends had engaged in a backstage shouting match in the Gorilla position.

The Gorilla position is right behind the curtain where superstars make their entrances, where Vince McMahon will often sit and oversee the show. However, multiple sources have informed me otherwise.

In case you didn’t know…

In the latest WWE NEWSThe Undertaker vs. Goldberg was the eponymous Super Showdown after which the show was named. Both have had storied, historic careers. Goldberg is one of the only WCW greats created under the Eric Bischoff era during the Monday Night Wars. Meanwhile, The Undertaker is possibly the final great character wrestler of the kayfabe era. He has wrestled for well over two decades now.

Unfortunately for both men, the match was beset by issues almost from the off. Many WWE wrestlers who performed have spoken about the intense heat and how draining that was but for two men the age of The Undertaker and Goldberg it was considerably more difficult.

Goldberg was cut open early on after ramming himself into a ring post and was bleeding for the vast majority of the match. There is speculation that he suffered a severe concussion and his movements around the ring suggest that too.

Goldberg would be dropped on his head by The Undertaker’s tombstone piledriver but he would also fail to deliver a jackhammer correctly, resulting in a very dangerous half jackhammer, half brainbuster move.

The match would eventually be ended early, with The Undertaker visibly angry with the situation once the bell had rung.

The heart of the matter

Reports started to surface that the two men had engaged in a shouting match right after the show ended, prompting WWE officials to respond. Sources have told me that: “Goldberg could barely walk after the match, he couldn’t have a shouting match with anyone.”

Another source also told me that The Undertaker was not upset with Goldberg, but rather with the situation at large. Some strong words were used but by many people in the Gorilla position who were unhappy to see the show end in such a manner. The Undertaker, like many, was believed to be concerned for Goldberg’s health.


What’s next?

There is a suggestion that Goldberg will choose not to return to the ring at this point. After losing the Universal Title to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 2 years ago, he did state that his in-ring career was over before being lured back by the WWE for the Saudi Arabia show. After this showing, rumors continue to suggest he will be ending it there.

For The Undertaker, he seems to be almost exclusively an international appearance maker now. Despite the match being of low quality, no blame is being given to The Deadman and he is expected to continue performing for the foreseeable future. 

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