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WWE Rumors - Which streaming service will get PPV rights? Future of the WWE Network and more

Modified 08 Feb 2020, 06:40 IST

Vince McMahon has a big choice to make.
Vince McMahon has a big choice to make.

As revealed by Vince McMahon during WWE's Q4 Earnings Conference Call, the company is considering selling its PPV rights to a major streaming service, which could be done to increase the revenue.

While McMahon stated that they have a lot of options on the table and that many major services are 'clamoring for WWE's content', a decision is yet to be taken. What happens to the WWE Network once the live PPVs find a new home elsewhere?

Sportskeeda's Tom Colohue spoke about the huge development in his new YouTube video.

Tom reached out to his source at the WWE head office and was told that the WWE doesn't wish to close any doors at the moment. The idea is to attract a new audience by venturing into other streaming platforms. Tom revealed that George Barrios and Michelle Wilson - who were recently released from the company - were also part of the negotiations. Vince McMahon is now taking care of the dealings even though he is expected to devote more time to the XFL soon.

Tom also added that we should expect an announcement from the WWE regarding the future of the WWE Network and it's PPV model by the end of the first quarter of 2020.

Tom stated:

I was able to reach out to someone at the head office in the Titan Towers in Stamford, Connecticut and was essentially able to get a brief statement on the intention that the WWE doesn’t want to close any door as it were. So any streaming service that can add to the audience coming in, is something that they are considering, we should hear something if there is something to hear by the end of the first quarter, which is very close now of 2020.
They don’t want to rule out anything in particular, negotiations have been ongoing and George Barrios and Michelle Wilson were both involved in those negotiations. Now, of course, they are not involved and it’s mostly down to Vince McMahon who will be focusing on the XFL very shortly. So they need to get this out quickly if this is going to happen at all.

Tom also explained the possibilities that could arise with WWE selling their PPV streaming rights and the potential reason as to why the WWE Network as suffered in recent months.

This is, of course, opening the door to a lot of different services, Amazon Prime, Netflix, to name but a few. We may end up seeing Extreme Rules on Disney+! I don’t know why that would happen, but I would find that entertaining.
Of course, this raises a lot of questions for the future of the WWE Network. PPV’s are unquestionably the biggest draw to that platform, especially now NXT is on TV rather than just exclusive to the Network. NXT was undoubtedly one of the major drawing factors to the Network, in a way, for example, 205 Live hasn’t been able to match. Now that we have NXT UK on TV in the UK as well, Channel 5 and Paramount, it’s very difficult to pick out a unique draw that the Network would have if it loses the PPVs.
Obviously, it’s possible that the Network won’t lose the PPVs, but instead will go to some sharing platform. For example, we may see Takeovers on Netflix or something like that. I think the PPV platform with the Network at the minute is one of the major factors that put NXT in a position where it should be able overtime to overtake AEW. The actual PPV platform doesn’t work in AEW’s favour and is one of the very few things they don’t have going for them into the new year.
A thank you to Tony Maglio of The Wrap for information there and his initial report, which thy information comes from.

Published 08 Feb 2020, 06:40 IST
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