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WWE Rumors: WWE helping to pay for Sunny's court-ordered rehab

Former WWE performer Sunny looks set to turn her life around.

Sunny has had many demons over the years

What's the story?

As reported by TMZ, former WWE diva Sunny looked set to return to jail following a number of incidents on her record. However, according to TMZ, with the help of World Wrestling Entertainment, she is set to enter a court-ordered rehab which the company themselves are assisting in paying for.

In case you didn't know

Sunny, also known as Tammy Sytch, which is her real name, has numerous DUIs to her name and seemed destined to return to court in order to receive her sentence. Thankfully that will no longer be happening due to the revelation that WWE is assisting Sunny in dealing with the situation, with news also breaking that Sytch reportedly tried to help fellow WWE alumni Chyna before she sadly passed away.

The heart of the matter

Her charges included driving without a license, operating a vehicle without required financial responsibility, displaying plate card in an improper vehicle among a number of other offences. Due to the fact she has entered rehab, Sunny has been able to avoid any charges on a few of the major crimes that she committed.

Many fans will be happy to see Sunny get back on the right track

What's next?

Sunny will attempt to get her life back on track, hopefully with the continued help and support of WWE. It seems like it will be a long process, but so long as she is able to remain on the straight and narrow, there is no reason to believe that she won't come out on the other side a better person.

Who knows, maybe she'll even make another appearance on Monday Night Raw one day.

Sportskeeda's take

It's extremely sad to see such an iconic diva fall to such lows, but it's also reassuring to see how much the company is helping her deal with these issues. Whether Chyna's death played a big part in this remains to be seen, but we here at Sportskeeda are just happy to see that Sunny is making the right steps to turning her life around.

As the original diva of the WWE, she played a big role in the childhoods of many WWE Universe members, and that's an important thing to remember as she starts on her road to recovery.

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