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WWE Rumors: WWE hires new announcer Vic Travagliante

Vic has already changed his Twitter handle to @VicJosephWWE.

WWE signs Vic Travagliante

What’s the story?

WWE has reportedly signed a new announcer Vic Travagliante. The 31-year old has been part of the wrestling business for more than five years now and will be going to the WWE under the name Vic Joseph. The details about Vic’s assignments in the promotion are yet to be known but it could be clear once WWE acknowledges his signing.

In case you didn’t know...

Vic served as an announcer for House of Hardcore for the past two years, pairing up with Daniel Morrison on most occasions.  He has also called House of Hardcore pay-per-views alongside former WWE superstars Shane Helms and Matt Striker. Before House of Hardcore, Vic also called matches for Cleveland-based promotion Absolute intense Wrestling.

The heart of the matter

WWE’s signing of Vic comes as a surprise, considering that they already have a long list of announcers on the roster. However, WWE makes it clear that they are out to shop for not only wrestlers but for personnel as well. Vic is the latest catch that WWE has made from the Indies and he has already changed his Twitter handle to @VicJosephWWE.  

What’s next?

Just like any other name that came through the independent ranks, Vic is likely to have a cool off period in the WWE where he will be groomed. NXT seems to be the apt destination for Vic for the time being, and he could be promoted to either SmackDown or Raw once he proves to WWE that he is fit to make a jump to the main roster. 

Alternatively, WWE could surprise us and get Vic on either Raw or SmackDown directly. The chances of this, however, are low.  

Sportskeeda’s Take:

WWE continues to make aggressive signings from the independent scene. Vic’s signing, however, could be a setback for Renee Young who earlier expressed her desire to be an announcer for WWE. Vic is likely to get more preference than Renee considering the good job that Renee is doing as a backstage interviewer and show hosts. 

Vic could also be a threat to David Otunga who has been receiving some heat from the fans. 

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