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WWE Rumors: WWE planning a push for Apollo Crews

5.71K   //    10 Jan 2019, 02:01 IST

Apollo Crews could be in line for more opportunities.
Apollo Crews could be in line for more opportunities.

What's the story?

When the McMahons returned a few weeks ago to announce how things would be changing in the WWE, they announced more opportunities to Superstars who hadn't received them in the past. Could one of those superstars be Apollo Crews? carried a piece of audio from Mike Johnson and the PW Insider Elite radio show where he discussed the possibility of Crews getting a push.

In case you missed it...

Apollo Crews was a member of Titus Worldwide for most of 2018 along with Dana Brooke and Titus O'Neil. They were mainly used as a tag team and in singles matches to make other superstars look good.

He broke with Titus Worldwide and has since been consistently on television. This has led to some speculation that perhaps WWE is finally trying to harness his elite athleticism into a bigger push going forward.

The heart of the matter

Johnson speculated on the PW Insider Elite radio show that he feels they want to do something with him which is why he's been featured in some capacity on Raw lately.

“They seem to want to do something with Apollo Crews. Maybe he’s on a slow burn because he is going to be entering the Royal Rumble. I feel like there’s a lot more potential to him and I worry that they’ve kind of used him so poorly that he’s never going to recover.”

The report from mentioned that Crews 'might have to do something amazing' in order for fans to seriously invest in him as a credible threat going forward.

Since he has been featured in storylines on Raw lately, Johnson's point makes sense, especially since Crews eliminated nine superstars to win the 'Fresh Start Battle Royal' that fetched him an Intercontinental title shot against Dean Ambrose. Crews fell short on the night, but not without grabbing the attention of the WWE Universe.

Crews has also been called 'Raw's Human Highlight Reel' going along with the recent trend of several superstars receiving new nicknames.


What's next?

Crews is clearly one of the most physically gifted performers WWE has ever had, but seemed to have been lost in the shuffle due to the depth of Raw and Smackdown rosters.

Having the showing he did in the 'Fresh Start Battle Royal' could have been an attempt to showcase his talents. It could also have been a precursor to a good showing in the upcoming Royal Rumble.

Is Apollo Crews worthy of holding a mid-card title in the WWE? Sound off in the comments below.