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WWE Rumors: WWE reportedly scrapped Renee Young and Dean Ambrose vs. Miz and Maryse feud

If you were wondering why things have cooled down between Renee Young and Maryse, this is the reason.

Renee’s slap on The Miz made a lot of headlines

What's the story?

Dave Meltzer has stated on Twitter that WWE decided to abandon the angle between The Miz, Maryse, Dean Ambrose and Renee Young. The storyline saw Ambrose defeat The Awesome One to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

In case you didn't know...

For a few weeks, beginning with a segment between The Miz and Renee Young, a story began to develop between the two couples after Young's relationship with Ambrose was outed on television for the first time. Following Ambrose's IC Title triumph, it seemed to fizzle out and we haven't seen any real interaction that has included the women in the last few shows.

The heart of the matter

As previously revealed, Meltzer stated that they decided to scrap the angle despite the natural progression seeming to be Renee getting her own back at Maryse. Nobody is sure why the decision was made, but perhaps it was due to the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber build taking precedent over the storyline.

Will we see a full conclusion to this four-way feud?

What's next?

It seems as if Renee is once again transitioning back into her every day interviewer role, however, she does seem to have more of an edge to her character. Maryse will continue to provide her valet services for The Miz who, along with Dean Ambrose, will be preparing for the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match this Sunday.

Sportskeeda's take

As seems to be the case quite a lot of the time, Meltzer hasn't really provided us with any concrete information and has instead just made a rather obvious statement. It's a shame that we didn't really get to see any pay off with Renee. Perhaps they're keeping this on the backburner only for it to be re-visited either during or after ‘Mania season.

We like the fact that Renee hasn't been over-exposed on a week to week basis, but it'd still be nice to see a proper conclusion.

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