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WWE Rumors: WWE set to crack down on leaks after Mickie James incident

Following the reveal of Mickie James as La Luchadora, WWE is set to try and get rid of backstage leaks.

Mickie James Alexa Bliss
Mickie’s return to the WWE was anticipated by many

What's the story?

As reported by Cageside Seats, WWE is set to crack down on backstage leaks after Mickie James' return was reported all over the internet less than 24 hours before it actually took place on SmackDown Live. These leaks have been a big problem for WWE over the last few years, with a lot of big moments ruined before they take place.

In case you didn't know...

WWE has always had a problem with backstage leaks, with returns like The Rock and Sting being spoiled by websites online prior to their actual appearances. A lot of the time it doesn't affect the end product too badly, but it must be frustrating for the company to see all their hard work be ruined at the hands of one or two leaks within their own system.

The heart of the matter

Mickie James being revealed as La Luchadora was rumoured for weeks prior to the actual moment it took place, but there was pretty concrete news leading up to that specific edition of SmackDown that it would indeed be Mickie underneath the mask. Obviously, the WWE couldn't do anything about this, and the situation played out as expected on TV.

Mickie James
Was Mickie’s return as effective as it could’ve been?

What's next?
We can probably expect a lot less to come out in the media when it comes to rumours over the next few weeks, especially considering we're coming up to WrestleMania season. WWE will want to keep a lot of their secrets close to their chest, and with so many potential match-ups on the cards, the reports on the internet will likely just be speculation more than anything else.

Sportskeeda's take
It's surprising that it's taken this long for WWE to get this kind of stance on the issue because we all know it's being going on for a long time now. In a way, the dirt sheets are a big part of the business in the modern day and there isn't a whole lot we can do to stop that, so WWE shouldn't try too hard to hide everything because it could have the exact opposite effect.

Obviously, we all want to be pleasantly surprised with fascinating moments when the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania take place, so maybe this idea will work out as WWE intend it to after all. Only time will tell.

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