WWE Rumors: WWE Superstars pitching stories for themselves quickly dismissed by WWE officials

  • WWE Superstars might have difficulty getting their message across.
Modified 14 Jun 2019, 20:55 IST

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Vince McMahon
Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Vince McMahon

What's the story?

WWE is a global conglomerate. It is, by far the largest professional wrestling promotion in the world. They have numerous characters in their company and these WWE Superstars are portrayed by the company in the manner that WWE and their creative department sees fit.

With Vince McMahon having the final call in most creative decisions, this has led to several creative directions that the WWE Superstars might disagree with.

However, according to some of the latest reports from, it appears that WWE creative reject storylines and creative directions suggested by Superstars backstage.

In case you didn't know...

Over time, WWE has become the most dominant wrestling promotion in the world. They are looked at as the target and the goal for most young Independent performers. If they reach WWE, it is considered to be the biggest success of their lives.

However, Superstars often have more freedom in the Independent Scene. They have input into how they are booked creatively. They mostly cut their own promos as well.

However, in WWE even promos are scripted by the writers. Thus a Superstar is often completely dependent on how a writer portrays them to be.

The heart of the matter

According to the reports by Fightful, WWE does not look kindly on WWE Superstars pitching storylines under the guise that the current programming is not good.

In other words, any storyline pitched by a Superstar which even suggests that a current storyline might not be up to the mark is quickly dismissed by WWE creative and the entire situation is not looked upon very favourably.

What's next?

Current WWE Superstars often have better ideas about how their characters may be booked than Creative. However, in such a situation it appears that if they are to suggest anything they have to approach cautiously and with the utmost respect.


If the team suspects that they are being disrespected, it might lead them to reject a good storyline.

Published 14 Jun 2019, 20:55 IST
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