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WWE Rumors: WWE was not happy when Dean Ambrose and Renee Young's relationship went public

The couple kept their relationship a private affair until Total Divas season 6.

Ambrose and Renee’s relationship was not brought up on WWE TV till last week

What’s the story?

PWInsider noted that WWE was not happy about Dean Ambrose and Renee Young’s relationship going public when it did. However, it has not stopped them from using it on television like they did two weeks back on SmackDown Live.

In case you didn’t know...

Dean Ambrose and Renee Young have been in a relationship since sometime since early 2015. Renee Young admitted in an interview with Channel Guide that she and The Lunatic Fringe had been very private about their relationship. 

Renee stated that Ambrose was not a very social person, but he happened to talk to her a lot and they spent a lot of time together which led to them eventually date. While it was well known by the WWE Universe that the two were dating, they generally kept it a private affair, until it started being featured on Total Divas season 6.

Their relationship was first brought up on WWE television two weeks ago on SmackDown Live in a segment that featured The Miz outing Renee about her personal life.

The heart of the matter

As mentioned, Young and Ambrose opted to keep their relationship as private as possible until Total Divas. This likely opened the door for WWE to utilise their relationship as part of their storylines as well. SmackDown Live has been moving towards edgier content which just scratches the surface of PG.

However, it generated a tremendous reaction and buzz online. 

It also got Renee Young involved in a storyline, something she hasn't been in till date. Last week, Dean Ambrose got his revenge on The Miz when he attacked the unsuspecting Hollywood A-Lister. 

What’s next?

Regardless of if the promotion likes the fact that their relationship was outed previously, WWE has a reason to utilise it as a catalyst for a storyline. It very well may be further used in the Ambrose-Miz storyline, and it won’t be shocking to see it utilised in the future as well, given that both Ambrose and Renee are on the same brand.

Sportskeeda’s Take

It does come off as bizarre that WWE would be upset about their relationship being outed previously. Perhaps they would like to have introduced it to the world in their own way, but nevertheless, it has worked in the past two weeks and as long as it is not overplayed it will continue to work.

This is mainly because the couple has two completely different roles in the company.

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