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WWE Rumours: A third party has provided funds to TNA; WWE still in talks of buying the company

Rohit Nath
6.23K   //    03 Oct 2016, 00:03 IST
The fate of TNA is still ambiguous

This past Friday was set to be the major reveal on what the future of TNA was. There was so much ambiguity as it was reported that TNA did not have the sufficient funds to run their Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View and also the next set of TNA tapings next week. However, Dixie Carter on twitter confirmed that both the Bound For Glory and tapings next week will happen:

It must be noted that the last two sets of tapings were funded by President Billy Corgan from his own pocket. However, this time around, this has apparently not been the case. The New York Post reported that the funding for Bound For Glory and the tapings was given by an “unidentified third party”. 

The article stated that TNA have been in talks with WWE and Billy Corgan for the past week or so. Dave Meltzer of the  Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that while WWE were initially in the picture, they were out shortly as their offer was quite less, and also the fact that they would use the purchase as adding to their WWE Network library rather than taking the company forward. TNA are looking to sell to someone who intends to take the company forward. 

A backstage report in TNA stated that the talent as well are in the general consensus of wanting Corgan to take full ownership of the company. Right now, Dixie Carter still owns approximately 70% of the company.  At this moment, it is still unclear as to whether WWE are still in the picture or not, but some indications have pointed to the fact that they are indeed in the picture for purchasing TNA, albeit just for their library. 

It may be possible that TNA will announce the situation of the company at the Bound For Glory PPV. It does seem unlikely that WWE would fund them for the PPV and their tapings. Perhaps things are still unclear from their end as well, but one thing is for sure, only Dixie Carter knows fully what's going on.

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Rohit Nath
Rohit is an avid wrestling fan and aspiring Sports Psychologist.
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