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WWE Rumours: Backstage heat on Dean Ambrose

4.72K   //    03 Jul 2016, 14:31 IST
Fingers pointed at Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose winning the Money In The Bank and cashing it in on the very same night to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion may have taken the WWE Universe by storm, but had it not been for Roman Reigns’ violation of the Wellness Policy, it may have never come to pass.

And further rumours behind the scenes seem to reinforce this notion, with the latest word on the matter suggesting that the powers-that-be aren’t too happy with Dean Ambrose’s efforts in the ring of late. 

If is to be believed, there has been quite a bit of negative talk backstage about Ambrose and how they feel he has been “phoning it in” with his matches for a couple of months now. Reportedly, his feud with Chris Jericho has also drawn in a lot of flak.

Apparently, he hasn’t looked in great shape after his matches either and this has raised concerns regarding whether he’s in it whole-heartedly.

Reigns may have also lost the title as his house show numbers weren’t too great, forcing the WWE’s hand into giving Ambrose a go with the title. But it certainly does beguile as to how Dean Ambrose could remain as the Champion for an extended period of time, should rumours of this backstage heat be true.

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