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WWE Rumours: Emmalina likely to debut on Raw after Survivor Series

Emmalina is on her way back and will return very soon.

Did you miss her?

Emma has been out since mid-May, after she suffered a back injury that required surgery and was set to be out for six months. That period has now come to an end and she is set to return to Raw after Survivor Series, according to Cage Side Seats. This time around, however, she is coming under a new gimmick where she will be called "Emmalina"

The gimmick appears to be that of a model. This will be a first in the New Era. However, a model gimmick was not uncommon in the “Divas era” of WWE from 2008-2016. Emmalina had her main roster call-up 2 years ago, but due to a disappointing first run, she went back down to NXT.

She completely reinvented herself in the developmental show and formed a partnership with Dana Brooke. This partnership clicked, as both their characters complemented each other. 

Emma got her call-up once more, before Wrestlemania 32 and even competed on the Kickoff show, where she, Lana, Summer Rae, Naomi, and Tamina lost to the “Total Divas” in a 10-Diva tag team match.

Not long after Wrestlemania, she began a feud with Becky Lynch, and this was the pretext of Dana Brooke being called up to the main roster– as Emma’s sidekick and goon. However, due to Emma’s injury, Dana Brooke has been paired up with Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte since Extreme Rules.

Since the brand split, the Raw women’s division has primarily been centred around 4 women – Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Dana Brooke. It is only now that the others are the subject of focus due to Survivor Series and the Interbrand elimination match.

Here is a video from back in early May when Emma “introduced” Dana Brooke to the world, with a rude awakening to Becky Lynch.

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