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WWE Rumours: Entire NXT roster will be backstage at Royal Rumble

WWE is pulling out all the stops to make the event perfect.

After Wrestle Kingdom, the pressure is on the Royal Rumble to deliver big

What’s the story?

The Royal Rumble is one of the most highly anticipated events in WWE. If rumours are to be believed, WWE is going to all lengths to make the event a grand success. Cagesideseats reports that the entire NXT roster will be backstage during the event to allow any superstar to be a possible entrant. 

In case you didn’t know...

This year’s Royal Rumble will be a star-studded event. With three huge icons in the history of pro-wrestling leading the card, an entire array of superstars are lined up for the event. With such a huge line-up it is becoming more and more unpredictable to pick a winner before the chips fall down.

One of the most integral parts of a Royal Rumble match is the surprise entrants the company pulls off. It can either be a returning superstar or even a debut of an NXT superstar. Samoa Joe and Tye Dillinger are the front runners for a possible NXT call-up at the Royal Rumble.

The heart of the matter

It looks like the WWE is not content with two names. According to Cagesideseats, the latest rumours suggest that the entire NXT roster will be backstage during the match. The idea behind this move is to have the availability of a huge number of superstars on hand to send in as a surprise entrant.

It is stated that the WWE officials will most likely gauge the crowd and send in the superstar whom they see fit at that particular moment in time. Tye Dillinger is the most probable call-up as of now as he would be the ideal fit for the #10 spot during the match.

What’s next?

Samoa Joe is the only NXT superstar who doesn’t have a program lined up for him at present. It is entirely possible that Joe might appear in the PPV in some effect. There is also the possibility of Dillinger not entering the match at #10. If it happens, the WWE will look to send in a heel like The Miz or someone along those lines to capitalise on the negative reactions the fans might express. 

Sportskeeda’s Take

This year’s Royal Rumble is an extremely unpredictable. With such a star-studded roster, the WWE should carefully book the match or they might end up facing a huge backlash from the fans. Regardless of the winner, the mini rivalries in the match might even spill forth to an upcoming program. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope the WWE does right by the event.

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