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WWE Rumors: Mr 450 was injured even before his match at 205 Live

It's not known if WWE was aware of his injury prior to his match.

John Yurnet aka Mr. 450
Yurnet’s WWE status is in question after this revelation

What’s the story?

The news of Independent Wrestler John Yurnet, aka Mr. 450, getting injured during his 205 Live debut and then seeking help from fans to cover his medical costs has raised eyebrows in the past several days. However, if the reports from WrestlingNewsSource are to be believed, there is much more to the story.

According to the recent reports from the site, the Indie wrestling star was hurt weeks before his WWE Appearance. Not only that, he was allegedly injured to a point where he was declared medically unfit and was pulled from a wrestling event, prior to his 205 Live match.

In case you didn’t know

Mr 450 made his 205 Live debut this past Tuesday in a match against Mustafa Ali. Following the show, it was reported that the Cruiserweight star has suffered a serious knee injury during his debut bout, putting him out of action for a foreseeable future. 

After learning about his injury, Yurnet took his Facebook account and announced that he will be selling his wrestling gear in order to raise fund for his surgery. It was reported that WWE won't cover his medical expenses as he was not under contract with the company.

The heart of the matter

The report states that Mr 450 was seen wearing knee pad during a couple of independent wrestling events in Florida and Texas, prior to his 205 Live appearance. It's also being said that he was pulled from a recent indie wrestling event in Texas because he was deemed unable to compete due to his knee injury.

It's not known whether WWE knew about his injury prior to his match. Although given that he was working on per appearance basis, it's quite possible that the indie wrestling star could have hidden his conditions from officials or have convinced them that it wasn't as serious as it looked.

What next?

Shortly after the news of John's injury broke out, a GoFundMe account was set up by a fan to help the star cover his medical expenses. Till now, the campaign has raised more than $4,500 in about three days, out of the total alleged expense of $10,000. Those who wish can donate to the wrestler at this link.

Till now, WWE has neither released any official statement regarding the matter nor do we know the status of the Luchador with the company. However, given the fact that they have received lots of heat over the issue in the past several days, it's quite possible that we will not see the former WWC World Champion in a WWE Ring again anytime soon. 

SportsKeeda's take

It's always unfortunate to witness a star getting injured. While it's still arguable that keeping the officials in dark about his condition was the wrong move from John Yurnet, fans hope that Mr 450 will recover completely from the injury and will be back in the wrestling ring soon.

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