WWE Rumours: New SmackDown Live logo leaked by the WWE

Apparently we may not be seeing this for too much longer

Are the WWE doing it completely unintentionally, or are they doing it by design?

Either way, the end product has definitely justified the means. Everybody is buzzing about the Brand Split that is to come next week, and that is exactly what the WWE wants.

This week’s episode of Raw was much more watchable than the previous couple of weeks, and not just for the programming as it would turn out.

Apparently, viewers with keen eyesight spotted a leaked logo on the longest running weekly episodic bearing the words, “SmackDown Live”, as reported by WrestleZone.com.

It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to piece it together, and ever since then, talk has been rife that it could be the new logo for the “B-show” of WWE when it goes live from next week.

The following tweet depicts a screenshot of the same:

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