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WWE Rumours: Old WWE pay-per-view events to return for Brand Split

The more the merrier...

Is it coming back?

Well, it seems that the WWE are truly getting into the swing of things in the lead up to the brand split.

If a leaked post on reddit is to be believed, the WWE plans on bringing back up to two pay-per-views and rename one more existing event in keeping with the upcoming brand split on July 19, reports wrestlingnewssource.com.

The events rumoured to be resurrected are No Mercy and Backlash, while the leaked report also claims that the Night or Champions pay-per-view may be renamed into Clash of Champions, taking a leaf out of WCW’s book.

Although none of these reports are concrete, as fans, we can nonetheless be excited for the upcoming brand split and the impending changes that are rumoured to come into effect because of it.

The list of PPVs, as tweeted by We Tweet Sport, can be seen below to reflect not just the complete schedule for the remainder of the year but also the venues and timings of each event as well.

The level of detail which the leaked document bears is especially striking, and seems to be indicative of its legitimacy.

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