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WWE Rumours: Rift brewing between Shane and Stephanie McMahon?

And it's going to be a slow burner!

Not seeing eye to eye?

It may still be in its nascent stages, but for the discerning viewer, the cracks that have been appearing between the Shane-Stephanie nexus only look like they are bound to widen. Ever since the two agreed set aside their differences and work together after Payback, the WWE Universe has been waiting for an impending heel turn for Stephanie given that Shane has been extremely over with the audience since his return to TV programming.

And according to Daily Wrestling News, greater strain is expected in the relationship between the two siblings in the upcoming weeks, leading up to a slow build towards the Brand Split in July. Details about what their rivalry would ultimately lead to has not been made clear, but it would seem that fans can expect yet another installment in the McMahon family saga to play out in the near future.  

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