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WWE Rumours: Ryback's name change officially approved

The Big Guy's name change approval has reportedly been granted.

Ladies and Gentlemen – Ryback Allen Reeves

It was reported last week that Ryback (real name Ryan Allen Reeves) would be changing his name to Ryback Allen Reeves so that he could not only use the name Ryback on the independent circuit but also to use it for his overall branding going forward. The Ryback name is owned by WWE by trademark, but Ryback found a way around that by legally changing his name to Ryback Allen Reeves.

The reason for this is because the “Ryback” name is associated with his branding, and it is something he can promote. He is not only wrestling on the independent circuit now but also releasing a motivational book and releasing a clothing line and supplements as well. Wrestling is not the only thing that The Big Guy is doing these days. He said that he refused to have wrestling be the only part of his life or only thing he is known for. 

He last appeared on WWE in May on the Payback kickoff show, where he was defeated by Kalisto for the second consecutive PPV Kickoff match. The next night on Raw, he had a contract dispute with the WWE and requested to be sent back. He then sat out the remaining few months of his contract.

Ryan Satin of ProWrestlingSheet reported that a judge officially signed off on his name change request. The report went on to state:

"A rep for the Clark County court confirms that Ryan Allen Reeves will henceforth be known as Ryback Allen Reeves in the eyes of the law, now that his name change was filed by the court yesterday."

Ryback himself had the following to say about his name change earlier this month:

“It was one thing that I did not own and I created and I used before my time with WWE. And it is something that is associated with my brand, and who I am, that I am very proud of”

Ryback recently appeared at the House Of Hardcore this past week, the same show where Terry Funk announced his retirement due to health issues. You can see the video of Ryback attacking Hornswoggle below:

It is not known for how long Ryback will be wrestling, but it seems like, for the foreseeable future that will be his steady job until his clothing line, supplements and books fully get established and start to kick in. 

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