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WWE Rumours: The New Day expected to drop their Tag titles at Clash of Champions

Will their iconic title run finally come to an end this Sunday?

The new Day
The New Day won the tag Team Championship t SummerSlam last year

The New Day has been one of the most successful stables of WWE in recent years and the fact that they have held the Tag Team Championships for well over a year now is enough to prove this statement. 

However, now it looks like the iconic title reign of the current Raw Tag-Team Champions is reaching towards its climax and there are not many days left on the board in which the New Day will be able to elaborate themselves as your WWE Tag Team Champions.

According to the rumors on Cagesideseats.com the team of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are expected to beat the team of Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods at the upcoming Clash Of Champions PPV to become the new title holders. 

Although it won't be much of a surprise if these rumors come true and the New Day does drop the title belts to the former NJPW stars as many believe that their characters have become stale in the past several months and this is the right time for then to relinquish the championships. 

In fact, the alleged title change was heavily rumored to happen at the SummerSlam PPV this year where Xavier Woods and Kofi Kinston had to defend the gold on their own due to a kayfabe injury of Big E.

But for some reasons, WWE nixed these plans and their match at SummerSlam ended in a disqualification when Big E made a surprise return and attacked both Anderson and Gallows while saving the other members of his stable. 

It's notable here that a title change looks to be a good idea at the moment as it will not only benefit both the involving teams but will also allow WWE to explore new possibilities in their tag team division. 

At one hand, it would allow the members of the Club to take their WWE careers to the next level and would justify all the heat they have generated in the past couple of months with their actions such as interrupting the Dudley Boyz in their farewell speech and putting Big E out of action with a kayfabe injury. 

On the other hand, it would put the New Day on a quest to find new meanings for their stable which was originally started by the 3 WWE stars who were not happy with the directions of their careers but now have achieved the success they desired.

The title change will also result in the creation of new equations for the Tag Team Championships and would allow babyface teams such as Enzo and Cass to claim their right full place as the next contenders for the prestigious titles. 

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