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WWE Rumours: Update on Kurt Angle's return to WWE

Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer answers questions about a possible Kurt Angle return to WWE.

Could WWE be thinking about Kurt Angle’s return to the company?

In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, industry specialist Dave Meltzer was asked about Kurt Angle and if there is a possibility that he could be contacted by longtime WWE video game publisher 2k Games to appear in next year’s game WWE 2k18 and with enough fan support could be even contacted by WWE for another stint at the company.

To these questions, Meltzer responded with “So the answer to that question is yes”, referring to the fact that 2k might contact him for a spot in their game roster and that might generate enough buzz for the Olympic gold medalist for WWE to contact him for a potential return. This answer from Meltzer is albeit a short one and wasn’t accompanied by any other statements or confirmation but if you are a Wrestling Observer fan, you probably know enough to read between the lines when Meltzer gives a reply like that. Many also speculated that Meltzer’s answer was purposefully short in order to protect a source.

There was word from Kurt Angle previously that WWE has been in informal talks with him and that he believes that there will be something worked out between the wrestler and the largest wrestling promotion in the United States. Angle’s management have also reportedly mentioned they are expecting something to be worked out between them as early as the first quarter of 2017.

Angle has had a very successful career even before he joined pro-wrestling, winning gold at both the 1995 World Wrestling Championships and the 1996 Summer Olympics where he participated in freestyle wrestling representing his native United States. He is one of the four people in the world to complete an amateur wrestling Grand Slam which includes winning the top spots for the junior nationals, NCAA, World Championships as well as the Olympics, respectively.

Kurt Angle made his first WWE debut at the start of 1999 although he didn’t appear for any televised events for WWE till March of the same year. After that, Angle quickly became a household name for fans of WWE around the world till his retirement from the company in 2006 followed by him joining TNA later that year.

Right now it looks like there is a big possibility that we will see Kurt Angle’s return to the WWE roster next year although there has not been any official confirmation.

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