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WWE Rumours: WWE planning to hold two monthly PPVs after brand split

1.79K   //    13 Jun 2016, 20:20 IST
Raw and SmackDown both to have separate PPVs each month?

The brand split announcement has literally changed the landscape of WWE. With numerous speculations revolving around which wrestler would go where and countless analysis of the effects of the brand split floating around, there is something new, wild and interesting about the brand split that has caused huge expectation among WWE fans. 

Allwrestlingnews reports that Jerry “The King” Lawler has told that WWE will host two monthly PPV’s after brand split, except for the four big ones. Lawler who attended the 38th annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL, has reportedly divulged this information to the fans in attendance. According to Lawler, apart from the four big PPVs, every other month will be having two PPVs – one for SmackDown and one for Raw.

though this might be highly unlikely, it is worth noting at this point that Lawler had already divulged facts like this in the past. He had divulged the SmackDown coming to USA, moving to Tuesdays and even the brand split earlier. So, we could bank upon Lawler’s words one more time.

If in case this comes to pass, it will be exciting and indeed be a dawn of new era in wrestling. However, we would be having more work!

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