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WWE Rumours: WWE planning to make Sasha Banks vs Bayley the main event of one of the upcoming PPVs

The pair who put on arguably the two greatest women's matches in recent times may have a chance to make history once more.

Partners at Battleground, foes in the future?

Bayley made her first appearance on the main roster at Battleground, but it was not her official debut. During the match where she partnered with Sasha Banks, the commentators kept pushing the idea that it was a one-off and that she was going back down to challenge for the NXT Women's Champion. However, for anyone who watches both WWE and NXT, it was obvious that Bayley would be having her final match at Takeover:Brooklyn II and would put over Asuka. 

And that was indeed what it was, as Bayley debuted just two nights after her defeat to Asuka at Takeover: Brooklyn II and confronted Charlotte, instantly inserting herself into title contention. She is now scheduled to compete against Sasha Banks and Charlotte in a triple threat match at Clash Of Champions. 

After Battleground, it was reported that WWE officials already began planning for a Sasha Banks vs Bayley Wrestlemania 33 match. However, just a few days ago Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that Sasha Banks and Bayley were just minor characters in the larger picture, i.e, the Charlotte vs Dana Brooke story. Apparently, WWE officials view Dana Brooke as a huge potential babyface to take on Charlotte down the road. 

However, things seemed to have flipped once more, as CageSide Seats is reporting that WWE officials are seriously considering the idea of women main eventing a PPV soon, and the first choice for that is Sasha vs Bayley. 

Last year, on October 7th at NXT Takeover: Respect, Sasha Banks, and Bayley main evented the show with a 30-minute Iron Man match for the NXT Women’s Championship. The match became an instant classic. That was the first time women had main evented a live special of any sorts in WWE, but there were no two better candidates to do so than Sasha and Bayley.

If they do decide to have the two main event a PPV, then it is best to do so organically and not forced. They shouldn’t main event a PPV just for the sake of women main eventing a PPV. One of the biggest differences between Raw and Smackdown Live is that Raw keeps talking about the evolution and revolution while focusing on just 5 of their women, while Smackdown Live books their women extremely well without having to talk about an evolution, and despite having a supposedly thinner female roster.

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