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WWE Satire: 5 Reasons WWE named their new PPV 'Great Balls of Fire'

Riju Dasgupta
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As ridiculous as we’ve tried to make this article, the name is far weirder

In a move that has left wrestling fans around the world scratching their heads, WWE has said that Brock Lesnar will be defending his Universal Championship in a pay-per-view on July 9, 2017, in Dallas, Texas. No, you misunderstand. Brock Lesnar actually wrestling (instead of jumping around while his advocate Paul Heyman cuts a promo) isn’t the big news here. What has shocked the world is that WWE’s next pay-per-view will be simply entitled- ‘Great Balls of Fire’.

No, the parody bit of our article hasn't even begun so far. WWE, a company that employs a sizeable creative team that gets paid for their ideas, has thought of this puzzling name for their event. What could have spurred such a strange decision? We give you 5 probable scenarios so that you don’t lie awake in bed, tossing and turning, completely aghast. 

#5 Shane McMahon wanted to relive his most electrifying moment 

The PPV seems like a tribute to this infamous incident

Shane McMahon has had a fabulous career in sports entertainment, giving his fans many splendid moments. Unfortunately, much like Mick Foley, people remember the times he was bruised, battered, bashed up and completely obliterated, more than the times that he actually came away with a victory. Of course, you cannot look at Shane McMahon and not think of the time Kane hung him on a ring post and electrocuted his male reproductive organs. 

You just can't. While Shane McMahon remains a popular figure even today, one assumes that he remembers the time he had ‘great balls of fire’ more fondly. The pay-per-view name may be a test to tickle his fancy, or merely a ‘test tickle’. You decide. 

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