WWE sign a new talent to NXT

WWE NXT have signed a new star, according to reports

WWE NXT have apparently signed a new superstar. Sasha Banks recently stated the following on twitter:

Another tweet by Kevin Stein says:

The account’s avatar is a hand and based on the username, it looks like Dylan Mile, who is a mid-twenties guy reportedly signed by the WWE last year.

About the same time last year, reported that a 25-year-old man named Dylan Mile had been signed by the WWE. It was said that he participated in a tryout at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

He was described as “a bodybuilder type from Colorado who is 6-foot-3, 285 pounds.” His 37-inch vertical leap at the tryout had impressed officials. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirmed the signing the following week. He added that Mile went on a bodybuilding message board and bragged about being the only person signed from the tryout that included Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards and Joey Ryan.

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