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WWE signs new diva, El Generico loses his mask

08 Mar 2013, 11:18 IST
Sarah Backman

Sarah Backman

Sarah Backman is the newest Diva in WWE today. WWE have signed her to a developmental deal and will be a useful addition to the divas division that looks pretty out of shape. Sarah Backman is an arm wrestling champion from Sweden. She also has some Gladiator experience that gives her some leverage in becoming a decent wrestler with time.

The Divas division is now in a bad position as several divas have left WWE. With Kaitlyn and Tamina being the only two divas with some sort of popularity, there is a huge need for new and impressive divas in the roster.

Let’s hope the addition of Backman provides some sort of stability to the division and brings about a few good storyline to interest audience.

In other news, WWE’s newest Luchador talent El Generico is going forward without a mask. In his latest outing in NXT, Generico was seen without a mask. He made his debut with the mask and gimmick but now WWE seems to have a different plan. He will be wrestling under his real name, Rami Sebai.

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